-25°C Upright Freezer LBN-UF122

-25°C Upright Freezer LBN-UF122

-25°C Upright Freezer LBN-UF122 is a 278 L vertical type freezer with a single microprocessor-controlled door designed to meet the standards in reliability and temperature management. It operates at a temperature range of -10°C to -25°C that can be modified depending on the weather. This device incorporates a digital display unit for convenient parameter viewing and control. The unit has an inner door insulation for low cold temperature loss and improved freezer stability.

Volume 278 L
Temperature Range -10°C to -25°C
Compressor 1
Power 180 W
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 480×415×1460 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 659×600×1694 mm
Weight 105 Kg

Digital display for ease of operation

Adjustable shelves for sample holding

This freezer is used for storing all sorts of medical equipment

Independent inner door minimizing loss of cold temperature

Easy to use built-in handle design

Wide voltage band 187V to 242V

Arc angle design makes the appearance more concise and softer

Upright side door with build-in handle for easy opening

Limit door hinge to prevent collision when door open

Independent inner door to avoid more cooling leaking out and provide more stable inside temperature performance

High adjustable shelves with plastic coated steel

Unique refrigeration technology to make better stability and faster cooling rates

Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant

Used for storing and preservation of reagents, medicines, vaccines, disinfectant, liquid chemical Sterilant and also meets the requirements in the field of R&D, biomedical, electronic and chemical industries.

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