Auto Biochemistry Analyzer LBN- AC131

Auto Biochemistry Analyzer LBN- AC131

Auto Biochemistry Analyzer LBN- AC131 is a fully automatic direct reading system, having 60 sample positions, including the standard, Q.C and stat. The analyzer provides an 8-channel automatic washing system and high-quality UV-transmitted plexiglass cuvettes. The response occurs in less than 0 to 999 seconds, and an automatic fault alarm ensures a secure and prompt reaction. It enables editing of 200 testing items, data storage of 1 million patients, editable and individual report formats.

Throughput 200 test/ hour
Wavelength 340nm- 810nm
Sample Volume 1ul-100ul
Reaction Volume 0 Sec. to 999 seconds
Reagent and Sample Positions 40/ 80 and 60 positions
Light Source Halogen lamp
Dimension (D × W × H) 850 x 750 x 540 mm
Weight 90 Kg

Random operation access

Different kind of methods such as end point, kinetic, fixed time, bi-chromatic, immunoturbidimetric, 1-2 reagent, etc can be used for analysis

Sample throughput of 300 tests per hour

60 sample positions, including standard, Q.C. and stat

Sample Volume: 1ul-100ul, 0.1ul/step; with high-precision dilutor

Reagent Volume: R1:1ul-500ul, 1ul/step

Reaction probes are equipped with liquid sensor to automatically detect the remains in the reagent bottle

8 channel automatic washing system for reaction cuvettes

Automatic alarm for malfunction

Light System: Halogen lamp; automatic post-spectro detection technique

Emergency sample, standard or Q.C. can be tested at any time

Auto biochemistry analyzers are used to measure the concentration of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, drugs present in biological samples such as blood or urine.

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