Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT131

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT131

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT131 is a high-precision electro-chemical analysis instrument for volumetric analysis. It is capable of displaying pH and mV of the sample, with temperature compensation. The 8 inch TFT color touch screen has a high visibility which allows measurements to be seen even at extreme angles. It has 100 ml titration cup capacity and a volumetric titration accuracy of 0.0001 ml. The USB interface makes the unit communicative, various devices such as printers can be connected externally.

Volumetric Titration
Titration Analysis Repeatability 0.002
Allowable Error of Titration Capacity 15ml burette: ±0.025ml
25ml burette: ±0.035m
Burette Resolution 15ml burette: 1/20000
25ml burette: 1/10000
Titration Volume Accuracy 0.0001ml
Drive Resolution 1/30000
Electronic Unit Repeatability Error ≤0.2mV
Potentiometric Titration
Measuring Range (-1999.99-1999.99) mV
(0.000-14.000) pH
Resolution 0.01 mV , 0.001 pH
Maximum Possible Error 0.2 mV 0.02 pH
Temperature Compensation
Measuring Range (0-100.0)°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Basic Error ±0.2°C
Number Used For Titration 2 pcs (15mL / 25mL )
Titration Cup Capacity 100 mL
Isometric Titration Yes
Integrated Burette Yes
Sample Stirrer No
pH Correction Yes
Set End Mode Yes
mv/pH Measuring Electrode Interface Yes
Reference Electrode Interface Yes
PT1000 Temperature Electrode Interface Yes
Host USB Interface Yes
Stirrer Interface Yes
Output Interface Printer
Screen Display 8 inch TFT touch color screen
Power Supply 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 7.6 Kg

Automatic sample injection, pipeline cleaning and automatic test

8-inch color touch screen, easy to operate and displays titration curve and measurement results

Titrations to pH and mV

Superior design for superior results

Maximize your work space

Simple user experience

Enhanced security options

Flexible electrode holder

View and print reports easily

These are general basic lab equipment vastly used in food, drug testing, disease control, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, marine, environmental protection, scientific field and other related fields.

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