Biomedical Freezer

A biomedical freezer is a specialized refrigeration unit designed for storing medical and biological materials at precise, low temperatures. These freezers are essential in healthcare, research, and clinical laboratories, where the preservation of sensitive specimens, such as vaccines, drugs, blood components, and research samples, is crucial. Biomedical freezers come in various temperature ranges, from standard 4°C refrigerators to ultra-low temperature (-20°C to -86°C) units. They are equipped with advanced features like temperature alarms, temperature logging, and secure locking mechanisms to ensure the safety and integrity of stored contents. These freezers play a vital role in maintaining sample quality, supporting research, and ensuring patient safety by storing critical medical supplies and biological samples at the required temperatures.

Biomedical Freezer LBN-BF131

Capacity : 358 L

Internal Size (W×D×H) : 1220×545×673 mm

External Size (W×D×H) : 1350×785×880 mm

Package Size (W×D×H) : 1440×803×1074 mm

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