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Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM141
Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM141

Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM141 |


Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM141 is used wherever highest fineness of degree is required. It is low noise operated and high efficiency providing device with 4 × 100 ml capacity with a rotation speed of 10 – 800 r/min. it features a single gear with noise reduction of 15 – 20 dB and the gear transmission speed is stable to ensure consistency and repeatability of test. It is provided with back and side radiating holes for better heat dissipation and so as to prolong machine life.

Specifications :
Capacity 400 ml
Each Jar Capacity 50 – 100 ml
Vacuum Jar Capacity 50 ml
Jar Quantity 2 – 4
Type Planetary
Speed Rate 2:1 r/min
Revolution Speed 5 - 450 r/min
Rotation Speed 10 - 900 r/min
Long Run Time 100 Hr
Run Time 0 - 9999 Hr
Noise <60 dB
Multi Section Speed Setting 7 sections
Feed Particle Size <15 mm, Hard material <3 mm
Grain Size 0.1 μm or 100 nm
Ball Material Ratio (2~10):1
Grinding Ways Dry/wet/Vacuum grinding
Loading And Unloading Method Intermittent type
Transmission Mode Gear drive
Motor Power 0.55 Kw
Rated Voltage 220 V
Rated Power 750 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimension 55×35×40 cm
Machine Weight 75 Kg
Features :
  • Powerful and quick grinding down to nano range
  • Reproducible results due to energy and speed control
  • Suitable for long-term trials
  • 4 different types of grinding modes
  • Safety slider for safe operation
  • Wide range of materials for contamination free grinding
  • Perfect stability on lab bench
  • Programmable starting time
  • Adjustable belt-tightness with extended service life
  • Adopts rolling friction drive between metal wheel and abrasive wheel
  • Compact structure with clamshell
  • Back and side radiating holes for heat dissipation
  • Two windows for observation and control grinding process better
Applications :

Planetary ball mill is widely used in fields of geology, metallurgy, electronics, chemical industries, medicinal departments, environmental protection and biological laboratories etc.