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Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM142
Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM142

Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM142 |


Planetary Ball Mill Machine LBN-BM142 is used when the highest degree of fineness is required. It is a low noise and high efficiency providing device with a capacity of 1000 ml and a rotation speed of 60 – 800 r/min. It has a single gear with a noise reduction of 15 – 20 dB and a stable gear transmission speed to ensure test consistency and repeatability. It has back and side radiating holes for better heat dissipation and to extend machine life.

Specifications :
Capacity 1000 ml
Each Jar Capacity 50 – 250 ml
Vacuum Jar Capacity 50 – 100 ml
Jar Quantity 2 – 4
Type Planetary
Speed Rate 2:1 r/min
Revolution Speed 5 - 450 r/min
Rotation Speed 10 - 900 r/min
Long Run Time 100 Hr
Run Time 1 – 9999 Hr
Noise <60 dB
Multi Section Speed Setting 7 sections
Feed Particle Size <15 mm, Hard material <3 mm
Grain Size 0.1 μm or 100 nm
Ball Material Ratio (2~10):1
Grinding Ways Dry/wet/Vacuum grinding
Loading And Unloading Method Intermittent type
Transmission Mode Gear drive
Motor Power 0.75 Kw
Rated Voltage 220 V
Rated Power 750 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimension 60×40×50 cm
Machine Weight 75 Kg
Features :
  • Powerful and quick grinding down to nano range
  • Reproducible results due to energy and speed control
  • Suitable for long-term trials
  • 4 different types of grinding modes
  • Safety slider for safe operation
  • Wide range of materials for contamination free grinding
  • Perfect stability on lab bench
  • Programmable starting time
  • Adjustable belt-tightness with extended service life
  • Adopts rolling friction drive between metal wheel and abrasive wheel
  • Compact structure with clamshell
  • Back and side radiating holes for heat dissipation
  • Two windows for observation and control grinding process better
Applications :

Planetary ball mill is widely used in fields of geology, metallurgy, electronics, chemical industries, medicinal departments, environmental protection and biological laboratories etc.