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4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator LBN-BR122
4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator LBN-BR122

4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator LBN-BR122 |


4°C Blood Bank Refrigerator LBN-BR122 is critical for storing blood, blood components, and reagents safely, reliably, and conveniently. This refrigerator can hold 132 bags/450ml and has a temperature control of 4°C. It includes a 208-liter storage capacity and four casters for simple mobility. The warning and display interface are simple to use, which adds to the security of keeping sensitive blood products safe.

Specifications :
Volume 208 L
Blood Bags/450ml 132
Temperature Range 4±1°C
Compressor 1
Power 200 W
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 432×462×978 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 522×600×1550 mm
Weight 67 kg
Features :
  • Auto-door closed design for convenient operation
  • Oscillation silence rail for longevity and low noise
  • Intelligent temperature control of heating and cooling with double control loop
  • Multiple sensors inside ensure more safe storage
  • Advanced forced cooling system to keep inside temperature stable and uniform
  • Finned evaporator with special cycle design of forced air-cooling system to assure no-frost inside
  • Heated double pane glass door allows a clear display of stored products without condensation under high temperature and high humidity environment
  • Micro-computer control system with digital display to make device running is safe and accurate
  • SUS shelves inside, convenient for packing and storage of blood bags
  • Safety door lock design
  • Foamed glass door for operator’s safety
  • Password protection to avoid change parameter randomly
  • over current, over temperature protection sensor error alarm
Applications :

It is a professional refrigerator to store blood, as well as medicines and bio products. It is widely used in blood banks, hospitals and CDCs etc.