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Semi-Auto Coagulation Analyzer LBN-CA132
Semi-Auto Coagulation Analyzer LBN-CA132

Semi-Auto Coagulation Analyzer LBN-CA132 |


Semi-Auto Coagulation Analyzer LBN-CA132 is a simple semi-automatic analyzer with four independent working channels at the same time. The advanced scattered light principle and percentage analysis ensure accurate results while consuming less than 20µL of reagent. To ensure precision results, it has an internal thermal sensitive printer, an LCD screen that displays test parameters, and an advanced optical light system. The unit operates between 15°C to 30°C, has a 470 nm test wavelength range, and can store up to 10,000 test results.

Specifications :
Testing Channel 4 channels
Sample Positions 24 positions
Reagent Positions 6 positions
Test Wavelength 470 nm
Sample Volume 20uL-40ul
Reagent Volume 20uL-40ul
Temperature Range 15℃ - 30℃
Temperature Control Precision 37 ± 0.3℃
Repeatability Cv < 2%
Coincidence Indicator ≤3%
Memory Storage Up to 10,000 results
Notation of Results S, %, PTR, INR, g/L
Display 240 × 128 LCD
Dimensions (L × W × H) 395 × 320 × 135 mm
Weight 7 Kg
Features :
  • Low reagent consumption less than 20uL, open reagent
  • Special testing cup location system, adding sample bracket
  • Optional PT Derived method for testing fibrinogen, decease the dosage of reagent
  • Advanced optical light matching system ensure precision result
  • Internal thermal-sensitive printer
  • Environmental user-friendly system with limited accessories
  • Light protection cap prevents stray light and dust
  • Easy user interface and less maintenance
Applications :

Coagulation Analyzers are suitable for detection of blood coagulation factor in medical care, hospitals, scientific research, educational institutions and pathology labs etc.