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Colorimeter LBN-CL141
Colorimeter LBN-CL141

Colorimeter LBN-CL141 |


Colorimeter LBN-CL141 employs grating spectrophotometric technology to improve colour measurement accuracy and reliability. The handheld device features a 40 mm integral sphere and a full spectrum LED light source. It has 4 and 8mm dual platform measuring apertures that work in the 400 - 700 nm wavelength range and can store 1000 standard and 30,000 sample data. The built-in camera for framing and positioning can accurately determine whether the measured part is in the centre of the target, improving measurement efficiency.

Specifications :
Optical Geometry D/8
Integrating Sphere Size ɸ40 mm
Spectroscopic Method Planar grating
Wavelength Range 400 – 700 nm
Wavelength Interval 10 nm
Semi Band Bandwidth 10 nm
Observer Angle 2°/10°
Measurement Method Single measurement
Measurement Range L: 0 – 120
Reflectivity 0 – 200%
Measurement Aperture ɸ4mm, ɸ8mm
Measurement Time 1.5s
Focusing Method Optical focus + electronic focus
Light Source Full spectrum LED
Sensor Silicone photodiode array
Display TFT true color 3.5-inch, capacitive touch screen
Display Accuracy 0.01
Data Storage 1000 standard samples, 20,000 samples
Data Port USB, Bluetooth
Battery Lithium battery, 6000 times in 8 hours
Dimension (L × W × H) 81 × 71 × 214 mm
Weight 460 g
Features :
  • Dual 32 array sensor with wider spectral response range
  • Adopts full-balanced LED light source
  • Grating spectrophotometric technology makes color measurement more accurate
  • Professional white board, that will never change color
  • Fast charging method
  • Ergonomic hand grip and measurement button design
  • Dual measuring apertures
  • Built-in camera for framing and positioning
  • Massive color card database
  • Excellent timer – instrument error and repeatability to ensure consistency of measurement
  • Multiple color spaces and multiple observation light sources
  • Diversified data display
Applications :

Colorimeter is widely used for accurate color measurement and quality control in plastic and electronic, paint and ink, textile and garment printing and dyeing, ceramics and other industries.