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Drying Oven LBN-DO155
Drying Oven LBN-DO155

Drying Oven LBN-DO155 |


Drying Oven LBN-DO155 is a bench top model occupying minimal bench space and is built to provide trouble free operation for various needs. The instrument is optimally suited to various applications up to 200°C with a temperature uniformity as good as ±2.5°C. It has a chamber volume of 234 liters and shell is made of cold-rolling steel and working chamber of mirror stainless steel. The unit is provided with an observation glass window and dual LED screens for with temperature, time and alarm control options.

Specifications :
Volume 234 L
Temperature Range RT+5 - 200°C
Temperature Resolution 1°C
Temperature Fluctuation ±1°C
Temperature Uniformity ±2.5°C
Heating Rate ˃4
Timer Range 0 – 999 min
No of Shelves 3/10
Load Per Shelf 15 Kg
Power 2150 W
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Internal Dimension W×D×H 600×520×750 mm
Housing Dimensions W×D×H 890×746×905 mm
Package Dimension W×D×H 1010×906×1055 mm
Net Weight 88 Kg
Gross Weight 111 Kg
Features :
  • Unique door design reduces heat emission
  • Time for effective usage and additional energy savings
  • Space saving foot print
  • Flexible shelving system allows for optimal space utilization
  • Temperature uniformity of ±2.5°C
  • Easy setting with intuitive interface
  • Easy to open door handle
  • Dual LED screens and soft touch keys
  • Rotary two stage locking structure has good sealing performance
  • Rounded corners of the chambers are easy to clean and maintain
  • Power supply recovery function helps in data retrieval during power failure
  • Due to air convention breeze device air in the chamber can be renewed and circulated
  • Access port for data logging
  • Audible and visual alarm functions ensure both sample and operator safety
Applications :

It is widely used to dry glassware, sterilize general instruments etc. in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food industries, and textiles and electronic components.