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Disintegration Testers LBN-DT141
Disintegration Testers LBN-DT141

Disintegration Testers LBN-DT141 |


The Disintegration Tester LBN-DT141 is a three-basket manual tablet disintegration testing device that complies with pharmacopoeias. This is used to manually test the disintegration times of tablets, pills, and other solid dosage forms. A DC motor drive smoothly drives the disintegration basket up and down over a distance of 55mm, ± 1mm for 30 to 32 times per minute at a temperature of RT - 45°C. Disintegration baskets, which are placed in a stainless steel container before being carefully placed into the testing medium, keeping the glass tubes and discs in place.

Specifications :
Temperature RT to 45°C
Temperature Resolution 0.01 °C
Basket No 3 cups
Lifting Frequency 30 to 32 Times/minute
Lifting Distance 55mm, ± 1mm
Screen Bottom Distance from Cup Bottom 25mm, ± 2mm
Screen Aperture Standard: 2mm Optional: 1, 0.71, 0.42mm
Stop Density 1.18 to 1.20g/cm²
Record Keeping 96 Record×366 Days
Features :
  • Set positioning, height adjustment, and fastening all in one body for simple disassembly of hanging basket cards
  • To make it easier to simplify the experimental conditions, the length of the test can be changed
  • Time and temperature are displayed in real time
  • The voice prompt function, as well as the real-time test status prompt, are used exclusively to ensure timely feedback of information
  • To ensure the experiment's quality and safety, overheating protection is provided
  • The overall water bath box has no dead corners for water circulation, making cleaning easier
  • A lighting system is used for visual observation conditions of the experiments
  • Large-screen LCD touch control system with a simple interface and a clear display
  • To facilitate the operation by various users 3 levels of user rights management and 7 user accounts are provided
  • Built-in audit trail function to ensure data integrity