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Automatic Glassware Washer LBN-GW137
Automatic Glassware Washer LBN-GW137

Automatic Glassware Washer LBN-GW137 |


Automatic Glassware Washer LBN-GC137 is designed to provide unrivalled flexibility, cleaning, and drying efficacy. It is a front-loading washer disinfector that is designed to clean a wide range of laboratory glassware. The unit has a 198-liter chamber volume and operates at a temperature range of 50° - 93°C with a circulation pump flow rate of 0-600 L/min. The drop down door, which can be embedded under the test bench or installed separately, serves as a loading platform for easy loading and unloading.

Specifications :
Cavity Volume 198 L
Layer Number of Cleaning 2 (3 layers petri dish)
Cleaning Temperature 50° - 93°C
Drying Power 2 KW
Circulation Pump Flow Rate 600 L/min
Heating Power 7/12 KW
Exterior Dimension (H×W×D) 995×930×765 mm
Weight 185 Kg
Features :
  • The inner cavity if made of 316L stainless steel and the outer shell is made of 304 stainless steel
  • Control system has 35 standard procedures and 100 custom setting procedures
  • Tap water intake and laboratory pure water for rinsing
  • Total power: 7 KW/12 KW
  • Quadruple filtration system
  • Inlet coarse filtration prevents particles in water from entering the cavity
  • Double sewage circulation filtration prevents particles and debris in water from circulating again
  • 600 L/min cycle speed with speed detection system is provided
  • Overheating protection device
  • High efficiency HEPA filter compressed air drying system can thoroughly dry the inside and outside surface of glassware
  • Drying temperature and time are adjustable
Applications :

It is ideal for cleaning conventional glassware in laboratories and suitable for cleaning ceramics, metals, plastics and other materials in laboratory such as volumetric flask, pipettes, test tubes, culture disk and beakers etc.