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High Speed Centrifuge LBN-HC141
High Speed Centrifuge LBN-HC141

High Speed Centrifuge LBN-HC141 |


High Speed Centrifuge LBN-HC141 is a benchtop centrifuge providing high-speed operations for spin-down applications requiring a wide variety of tube volumes and capacities. It is operated at a speed of 10000 rpm and the intuitive control panel with soft touch buttons puts the ability to quickly set and recall speed and g-force, as well as control the temperature at fingertips.

Specifications :
Maximum Speed 10000 r/min
Maximum RCF 11000×g
Time Range 0 to 999 min
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 8A
Dimension (W×D×H) 510×410×310 mm
Weight 36 Kg
Features :
  • Advance control system, excellent separation
  • High sample throughput
  • Brushless quiet motor
  • High safety, ease of use
  • Soft brake function
  • Automatic lid locking
  • Optional bio-safe angle rotors protect from aerosol leakage and spills
  • Pre-warning and alarm system
  • Data logging is provided
  • High quality resistant protective layer
Applications :

This centrifuge is preferred for molecular organism, protein, DNA, RNA, cell separation, clinical medicine. It is also used to measure volume fractions of erythrocytes in blood and also for separation of different components of blood.