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Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LBN-LRC142
Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LBN-LRC142

Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LBN-LRC142 |


Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge LBN-LRC142 performs a wide range of separations and offers extensive control and set-up options to meet the needs of the user. This centrifuge has been created with an integrated refrigeration system, improved temperature control, and outstanding product quality. It has a speed range of 4500 rpm. The device operates at low noise levels and has an LCD display that monitors speed and time.

Specifications :
Maximum Capacity 6×2000 ml
Maximum Speed 4500 rpm
Maximum RCF 5900×g
Temperature Range -15°C to 35°C
Speed Accuracy ±20 rpm
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Timer 0 to 90 min
Daily Programs 0 to 9 profiles
Noise <65 dB
Acceleration/Deceleration Rate 0 to 8
Motor Power 4 Kw
Refrigerator Power 3 Kw
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 35A
Dimension (W×D×H) 860×960×1200 mm
Weight 500 Kg
Features :
  • Microprocessor control of speed, temperature and RCF
  • Maintenance free frequency conversion motor which can prevent over-speed operation
  • It has been included with protection from over speed, over temperature and imbalance
  • CFC free compressor
  • Protection of automatic electronic or mechanical lock to ensure the safety of operators and devices
  • Provided with high strength chamber coating
  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Let’s you control rate of acceleration and deceleration from 0 to 9 profiles
Applications :

This high speed centrifuge delivers efficient sample processing in clinical protocols, cell culture applications, micro plate processing and a variety of needs. It is also used in the field of blood station, pharmaceutical factory, biochemistry, biological products, etc.