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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT132
Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT132

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT132 |


Automatic Potentiometric Titrator LBN-PT132 is a volumetric electro-chemical analysis instrument with high precision. It can display the pH and mV of the sample while compensating for temperature. The high visibility of the 8-inch TFT color touch screen allows measurements to be seen even from extreme angles. It has a 100 ml capacity titration cup and a volumetric titration accuracy of 0.0001 ml. The USB interface allows the unit to communicate with other devices, such as printers, which can be connected externally.

Specifications :
Volumetric Titration
Titration Analysis Repeatability 0.002
Allowable Error of Titration Capacity 15ml burette: ±0.025ml
25ml burette: ±0.035m
Burette Resolution 15ml burette: 1/20000
25ml burette: 1/10000
Titration Volume Accuracy 0.0001ml
Drive Resolution 1/30000
Electronic Unit Repeatability Error ≤0.2mV
Potentiometric Titration
Measuring Range (-1999.99-1999.99) mV
(0.000-14.000) pH
Resolution 0.01 mV , 0.001 pH
Maximum Possible Error 0.2 mV 0.02 pH
Temperature Compensation
Measuring Range (-10.0-100.0)°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Basic Error ±0.2°C
Number Used For Titration 2 pcs (15mL / 25mL )
Titration Cup Capacity 100 mL
Isometric Titration Yes
Integrated Burette Yes
Sample Stirrer Yes
pH Correction Yes
Set End Mode Yes
mv/pH Measuring Electrode Interface Yes
Reference Electrode Interface Yes
PT1000 Temperature Electrode Interface Yes
Host USB Interface Yes
Stirrer Interface Yes
Output Interface Printer
Screen Display 8 inch TFT touch color screen
Power Supply 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 7.6 Kg
Features :
  • Automatic sample injection, pipeline cleaning and automatic test
  • 8-inch color touch screen, easy to operate and displays titration curve and measurement results
  • Titrations to pH and mV
  • Superior design for superior results
  • Maximize your work space
  • Simple user experience
  • Enhanced security options
  • Flexible electrode holder
  • View and print reports easily
Applications :

These are general basic lab equipment vastly used in food, drug testing, disease control, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, marine, environmental protection, scientific field and other related fields.