Colorimeter LBN-CL141

Colorimeter LBN-CL141

Colorimeter LBN-CL141 employs grating spectrophotometric technology to improve colour measurement accuracy and reliability. The handheld device features a 40 mm integral sphere and a full spectrum LED light source. It has 4 and 8mm dual platform measuring apertures that work in the 400 - 700 nm wavelength range and can store 1000 standard and 30,000 sample data. The built-in camera for framing and positioning can accurately determine whether the measured part is in the centre of the target, improving measurement efficiency.

Optical Geometry D/8
Integrating Sphere Size ɸ40 mm
Spectroscopic Method Planar grating
Wavelength Range 400 – 700 nm
Wavelength Interval 10 nm
Semi Band Bandwidth 10 nm
Observer Angle 2°/10°
Measurement Method Single measurement
Measurement Range L: 0 – 120
Reflectivity 0 – 200%
Measurement Aperture ɸ4mm, ɸ8mm
Measurement Time 1.5s
Focusing Method Optical focus + electronic focus
Light Source Full spectrum LED
Sensor Silicone photodiode array
Display TFT true color 3.5-inch, capacitive touch screen
Display Accuracy 0.01
Data Storage 1000 standard samples, 20,000 samples
Data Port USB, Bluetooth
Battery Lithium battery, 6000 times in 8 hours
Dimension (L × W × H) 81 × 71 × 214 mm
Weight 460 g

Dual 32 array sensor with wider spectral response range

Adopts full-balanced LED light source

Grating spectrophotometric technology makes color measurement more accurate

Professional white board, that will never change color

Fast charging method

Ergonomic hand grip and measurement button design

Dual measuring apertures

Built-in camera for framing and positioning

Massive color card database

Excellent timer – instrument error and repeatability to ensure consistency of measurement

Multiple color spaces and multiple observation light sources

Diversified data display

Colorimeter is widely used for accurate color measurement and quality control in plastic and electronic, paint and ink, textile and garment printing and dyeing, ceramics and other industries.

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