Cryogenic Freezer

A cryogenic freezer is a specialized and ultra-cold storage device designed to maintain materials and biological samples at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C, using liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic gases. These freezers are vital in scientific research, medical, and biotechnology fields where the preservation of highly sensitive samples, including cells, tissues, and genetic materials, is essential. Cryogenic freezers offer unparalleled storage conditions, ensuring the long-term viability of stored contents. They are equipped with advanced features such as robust insulation, precise temperature control, and monitoring systems. These freezers provide a secure and reliable solution for ultra-low-temperature storage, safeguarding valuable materials and supporting breakthroughs in medical research and biotechnology.

Cryogenic Freezer LBN-CF151

Cabinet Type : Chest

Capacity : 138 L/Cu. Ft

Temperature Range : -90 to 105ºC

Ambient Temperature : 16 to 32ºC

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Cryogenic Freezer LBN-CF152

Capacity : 128 L

Temperature Range : -110 to -150 °C

Ambient Temperature : 16 to 32 °C

Cooling Performance : -150 °C

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