Cube Ice Maker LBN-CI143

Cube Ice Maker LBN-CI143

Cube Ice Maker LBN-CI143 features an insulated storage bin with a capacity of 35 kg and works with a single compressor and an air cooling method. The device is intended to create up to 90 kg of cube-shaped ice per day, which is expected to melt more slowly than ice flakes. Based on the water flow technique, it produces ice cubes that are uniform, consistent, and transparent. It consists of a fault detection alarm system and a real-time monitoring system.

Capacity 90 Kg/ 24 hour
Storage Bin Capacity 35 Kg
Voltage 220 V/ 1P/ 60 Hz
Power 510 W
Refrigerant R134a
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Compressor Single Compressor
Cube Size 2.22 × 2.22 × 2.22 cm
Display LCD touch Screen
Dimensions (L × W × H) 660 × 685 × 840 mm
Weight 65 Kg

It is secure, dependable, approachable, and simple to use

Front panel is rust-free, while the side panels are corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
Touch-screen LCD display
The ice has a uniform, comparable and transparent shape
A high efficiency, non-ozone depleting refrigerant, R134a is used
Single compressor with an air-cooling method
It makes edible ice using water-saving and conservation methods
Can stores up to 35 Kg

Cube ice makers are widely used in the domains of restaurants, marine industries, chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, scientific research, medical institutes, and so on to cool water, beverages, reagents, and samples.

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