High Speed Homogenizer

The High Speed Homogenizer is an advanced and versatile laboratory tool designed for rapid and efficient sample preparation in various applications. This powerful instrument employs a high-speed motor and a precisely engineered rotor-stator configuration to homogenize, emulsify, disperse, and mix samples with exceptional speed and uniformity. Its broad range of applications includes sample preparation in life sciences, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more. The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and control, making it an essential tool for researchers and professionals requiring consistent and reliable sample homogenization. Whether it's for cell lysis, protein extraction, formulation development, or other processes, this high-speed homogenizer accelerates research and production, ensuring reliable and reproducible results while saving valuable time and effort.

High Speed Homogenizer LBN-HSH121

Voltage : AC 220 V(50Hz)

Power : 220 W

Display method : LED digital tube

Speed range : 300 to 23000 rpm

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