Horizontal Autoclave LBN-CH152

Horizontal Autoclave LBN-CH152

Horizontal Autoclave LBN-CH152 is a front-loading cylindrical autoclave with a 200-liter chamber capacity designed to meet large capacity sterilization needs. It is a programmable cylindrical vessel that enables automatic steam sterilization with precise cycles operating within a timer range of 0 - 60 minutes and a working temperature range of 134°C. The chamber is made of stainless steel for increased durability and reliability, and it has an auto-protect function that shuts off the power if there is insufficient water supply while the process is running.

Sterilizing Chamber Volume 200 L
Working Temperature 134°C
Adjustable Temperature Range 40° - 134°C
Working Pressure 0.22MPa
Sterilization Time 0 – 60 minutes
Drying Time 0 – 60 minutes
Heat Average ≤ ±2°C
Power 9 KW
Power Supply AC 380V, 50Hz
Chamber Dimension (ɸ×D) 515 ×1000 mm
Dimension (L×W×H) 1400×670×1650 mm
Package Dimension (L×W×H) 1560×820×1850 mm
Net Weight 260 Kg
Gross Weight 350 Kg

Stainless steel interior and exterior to increase durability and reliability

Standard working temperature 134°C

Front loading cylindrical autoclave design

Automated drying function

Automatic pressure control switch

Automatically controlled sterilizing process, easy to operate

Over – temperature, over – pressure and auto – protect functions

Automatic water level cut-off

Safety audible and visible alarms

Digital temperature controller

Silicon rubber door gasket

Door cannot be opened until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027MPa

Safe door lock system ensuring protection during sterilization

Control system automatically adjusts steam inlet and outlet according to chamber temperature

Cylindrical horizontal autoclave is an ideal equipment for clinics, scientific research institutes, medical laboratories and microbiological organizations to sterilize surgical instruments, glassed fabrics and culture media etc.

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