Manual Disc Polarimeter

The Manual Disc Polarimeter is a robust optical instrument designed for the accurate measurement of optical rotation and specific rotation in optically active substances. This device operates on the fundamental principles of polarimetry, which involve quantifying the rotation of plane-polarized light as it passes through a sample. Ideal for applications in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and food sciences, this instrument is renowned for its reliability and simplicity. It features a user-friendly manual operation, where users manually rotate a graduated disc to observe optical rotation, offering a cost-effective and straightforward alternative to digital polarimeters. The Manual Polarimeter is particularly valuable in educational settings and smaller laboratories where precision and consistency are essential, but budget constraints may limit the acquisition of more advanced equipment. This instrument provides accurate and consistent measurements, supporting essential tasks such as analyzing chiral compounds, assessing sample purity, and ensuring adherence to industry standards. With its ease of use and cost-effectiveness, the Manual Polarimeter is a trusted tool for research, quality control, and educational purposes, making optical rotation measurements accessible to a wide range of users

Manual Disc Polarimeter LBN-MP141

Range : ±180°

Scale Value : 1°

Vernier : 0.05°

Magnifier : 3X

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