Microplate Reader

A microplate reader is equipment used in laboratories to analyze samples in microplates or multiwell plates in large quantities. Usually, it uses a variety of optical methods like fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance to quantify the materials physic...... More

Elisa Microplate Reader LBN-MR161

Wavelength Range : 400nm to 800nm

Microplate Type : 96 well plate

Indication Range : 0.000 ~ 4.000OD

Resolution : 0.001OD

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Microplate Reader LBN-MR162

Wavelength Range : 400nm to 850nm

Microplate Type : 96/48 well plate

Photo Detector : Silicon photodiode

Reading Range : 0.000 ~ 4.000 A

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Microplate Reader LBN-MR163

Wavelength Range : 400nm to 630nm

Microplate Type : 96 well plate

Measure System : 8-channel optical system

Reading Range : 0.000 ~ 4.000 Abs

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