Microplate Reader LBN-MR163

Microplate Reader LBN-MR163

Microplate Reader LBN-MR163 is a compact and dependable reader that provides accurate and fast photometric measurements via bi-chromatic 8 channel optic fiber scanning, making it ideal for assays in the 400nm to 630nm wavelength range. The reader analyses 96-well microplates while performing 12 separate tests in one plate, with a reproducibility range of 0.2%. The device has a 7" touch TFT LCD screen as well as a monochromatic LED for accurate reading.

Wavelength Range 400nm to 630nm
Microplate Type 96 well plate
Measure System 8-channel optical system
Reading Range 0.000 ~ 4.000 Abs
Bandwidth & Accuracy 8nm ± 2nm
Repeatability ≤1%
Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Humidity 15% to 85%
Stability ±0.003 A
Standard Filters 405,450,492,630nm & 4 optional
Light Source Monochromatic LED
Reading Speed 5s single wavelength for whole plate
Shaking 3 shaking modes with variable time
Printer Built-in thermal printer, optional external printer
Interface Connections 4×USB, 1×RS232, SD card
Display 7” TFT LCD, 800×480 pixels
Power Supply 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (W×D×H) 400×310×169 mm
Weight 6 kg

7” high resolution TFT LCD touch screen

3 linear shaking modes with variable time

LED light source with life span over 100,000 hours

Self-check, malfunction alarm

Large storage capacity up to 200 test protocols and 100,000 results

Bi-chromatic 8 channel optical fiber scanning

Single or dual wavelengths measurement

Performing 12 different tests in one plate

Extensive report with patient information

Auto lamp adjustment and auto calibration

User friendly and easy to program

Graphical operating interface

High quality long-life tungsten halogen lamp

Microplate Reader is suitable for many enzymatic and colorimetric assays such as immunoassays, reporter gene assays, protein quantification, DNA quantification, pesticide residue in food etc.

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