Mini Centrifuge

A Mini Centrifuge is a compact and versatile laboratory instrument designed for the rapid separation of substances in small volumes. This portable centrifuge employs high-speed spinning to generate gravitational forces, enabling the efficient separation of particles based on their density. With a wide range of applications, it is invaluable for tasks such as separating DNA samples, purifying proteins, and isolating cellular components. Featuring user-friendly controls and precise speed settings, the Mini Centrifuge ensures optimal performance and sample integrity. Its small footprint and portability make it ideal for small laboratories, fieldwork, and applications where space is limited. The Mini Centrifuge plays a crucial role in scientific research, diagnostics, and industrial processes, offering a practical and efficient solution for producing accurate results, promoting advancements in various fields of study, and contributing to the success and quality of laboratory work.

Mini Centrifuge LBN-MC121

Maximum speed : 4000 rpm

Maximum RCF : 880 × g

Rotor capacity : 0.2 ml × 6, 0.5 ml × 6, 1.5 ml × 6, 2 ml × 6, 0.2 ml PCR tube × 16(double rows)

Voltage : 100 to 250 V 50 to 60 Hz

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