Mini Dry Bath Incubator

A mini dry bath incubator is a compact and efficient laboratory instrument designed for precise and uniform temperature control in microtubes, PCR tubes, and small vessels. Unlike traditional water baths, these incubators use dry heat block technology, making them easy to use, clean, and energy-efficient. They offer accurate temperature regulation over a range typically from ambient to high temperatures, making them ideal for applications such as DNA amplification, enzyme reactions, and sample incubation. Mini dry bath incubators are space-saving, cost-effective tools for molecular biology, microbiology, and biotechnology research, ensuring sample integrity and consistent temperature conditions in temperature-sensitive experiments. With interchangeable heating blocks, they accommodate various tube sizes and formats, providing versatility and convenience in the lab while maintaining high precision in temperature control

Mini Dry Bath Incubator LBN-DI141

Temperature Control Range : Rt +5° to 100°C

Temperature Precision : ± 0.5°

Timer : 0 – 99Hr 59min

Heating Time : ≤ 15 min

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