Mini Vortex Mixer LBN-VM151

Mini Vortex Mixer LBN-VM151

Mini Vortex Mixer LBN-VM151 is a compact device with precise speed control for continuous mixing or pulsing of samples. It has a touch function, a fixed speed of 5600 rpm, and a built-in battery that can run for 2 hours continuously. While working, the LED lights along the rim illuminate and indicate the battery level, making the operation easier and faster.

Movement Orbital
Orbital Diameter 6 mm
Speed 5600 rpm
Ambient Temperature 5° to 40°C
Relative Humidity 0.8
Chargeable Yes
Battery Capacity 1600 mAh
Battery Operating Time 2 Hours
Output Voltage 15 VDC
Output Power 10 W
Power Supply 100 – 240V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimension 168 × 150 × 85 mm
Weight 1 Kg

Continuous Touch function

Orbital diameter of 6 mm

Fixed speed of 5600 rpm

Excellent mixing capability

Compact and convenient to use

USB interface for charging devices

Precise speed control

Built-in light indicator varies with battery level and working status

1600 mAh built-in lithium battery operates mixer continuously for 2 hours

Mini Vortex Mixer is used in re-suspending liquids, mixing reagents, buffers and emulsions, drug extractions and mixing samples etc. at clinical laboratories, medical centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical labs and biotechnology industries etc.

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