Pipette Tip Box LBN-PB100

Pipette Tip Box LBN-PB100

Pipette Tip Box LBN-PB100 is designed to hold 1000 µL volume tips and has a capacity of 100 pieces for efficient organization. It is crafted from durable polypropylene (PP) material ensuring long-lasting reliability. Our tip box facilitates autoclaving and recycling, supporting both sterilization and sustainability. It includes color-coded racks, for easy tip identification and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Pipette Tip Volume 1000 µL
Pack Size 100 holes
Pieces 100pcs
Color Blue
Autoclavable Yes
Autoclave Temperature 121℃

Lid and box in a neutral color

Portable and transparent design


Snap-lock clasp ensures lid safety

Easy one-handed operation

Pipette Tip Box is utilized for storing and organizing pipette tips to ensure precise liquid handling. It finds applications across scientific research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical industries.

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