Platelet Incubator LBN-PI171

Platelet Incubator LBN-PI171

Platelet Incubator LBN-PI171 has a capacity of 5 L and is designed to keep platelet concentrates in continuous motion at temperatures ranging from 20 to 24 °C. The color-sprayed steel exterior combined with the SUS interior increases toughness and durability. A power-off switch, temperature alert, sensor malfunction, and a backup power supply system are among the safety features.

Temperature Range 20-24°C
Capacity 5 L
Blood Bags 10
Refrigerant R134a
Sensor NTC
Light UV
Power Supply 220V/ 50 Hz
Dimensions (W× D× H) 520 × 640 × 1030 mm
Weight 65 Kg

Forced air cooling method to maintain the temperature range of 20-24 °C

Blood bags of 450ml each

Colour sprayed steel exterior with SUS interior

Power off alarm indicating the completion of incubation

Equipped with UV light

72h backup power failure system

Platelet Incubators are used in clinical pathology labs, hospital blood banks, blood transfusion centres, and diagnostic labs.

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