Portable Turbidity Meter

A portable turbidity meter is a compact, handheld instrument designed for on-the-go assessment of the clarity or turbidity of liquid samples. It operates by emitting light into the sample and measuring the amount of light scattered or absorbed by suspended particles or impurities in the liquid. These meters are widely used in fieldwork, environmental monitoring, and water quality testing, providing quick and accurate results for assessing the presence of particulate matter or water clarity. Portable turbidity meters are prized for their portability, ease of use, and durability, making them ideal for field-based applications where the measurement of water quality, such as in lakes, rivers, and remote sites, is necessary. Their convenience, reliability, and rapid response time are crucial for ensuring safe drinking water, monitoring environmental conditions, and conducting quality control in various industries, including agriculture and construction.

Portable Turbidity Meter LBN-PT171

Principle : Nephelometric Method (90°)

Measuring Range : 0~1100 Ntu, 0~275 Ebc, 0~9999 Asbc

Display Resolution : 0.01 (0~99 Ntu), 0.1 (100~999 Ntu), 1 (1000~1100 Ntu)

Measurement Accuracy : ±2% (0~500 Ntu), ±3% (501~1100 Ntu)

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