PP Spray Fume Hood LBN-PF161

PP Spray Fume Hood LBN-PF161

PP Spray Fume Hood LBN-PF161 is a custom-made fume hood with an exhaust volume of 560m3/h designed to reduce perchloric acid residues. The inside of the deflector has a spray system that can neutralise the acid gas before discharging it into the exhaust gas. For ease of use, the advanced model includes a circulating pump, waterproof socket, water-gas remote control, PP sink, and an LED display.

Material Porcelain white PP, 8mm thickness
Airflow Velocity 0.3 ~ 0.8 m/s
Exhaust Volume 560 m3 /h
Waterproof Socket Two, total load ≤500 W
Blower Built-in PP centrifugal blower
Front Window Resistant to acid and alkali, manual, 5mm toughened glass
Operators 1 - 2
Noise ≤ 68 dB (A)
Illumination ≥ 400lx
LED Lamp 24 W
Power Consumption 400 W + 370 W (Pump)
Power Supply 220V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H) 1047 × 800 × 2450 mm
Gross Weight 235 Kg

Made of integrally welded PP material

Resistant to strong acid, alkali and strong corrosion

Solid core physical and chemical board, PP board, ceramic board and other countertop materials are optional

The inside of the detector is equipped with a spray system, which can neutralize the acid gas in the exhaust gas and then discharge it

The control panel can control the lighting system, circuit system, and air volume adjustment system

Model No Name Quantity
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 Work Table: Chemical Resistant Phenolic Resin 1 pc
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF163 4.3 Meters PVC Duct, Diameter: 250mm 1 pc
LBN-PF164 4.3 Meters PVC Duct, Diameter: 250mm 2 pcs
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF163 Pipe Strap 2 pcs
LBN-PF164 Pipe Strap 4 pcs
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 Base Cabinet 1 pc
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 Waterproof Socket 2 pcs
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 Water Tap (PP) 1 pc
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 Gas Tap (PP) 1 pc
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 Water Sink 1 pc
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF163 PP Centrifugal Blower 1 pc
LBN-PF164 PP Centrifugal Blower 2 pcs
LBN-PF161- LBN-PF164 LED Light 1 pc

PP Spray Fume Hoods are used in laboratories to ensure that high concentrations of perchloric acid residues do not accumulate in the fume hood, thereby preventing chemical reactions such as combustion, explosion or a lot of heat.

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