Semi-Automatic Polarimeter

The Semi-Automatic Polarimeter is a highly versatile and efficient optical instrument designed for the precise measurement of optical rotation and specific rotation in optically active substances. This advanced device combines manual operation with automated data collection, striking an ideal balance between user control and measurement accuracy. Operating on the principles of polarimetry, it quantifies the rotation of plane-polarized light as it passes through a sample, catering to the needs of diverse industries such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and food sciences. This instrument offers a user-friendly experience, where users manually adjust the optical system for alignment, and automated features ensure precise data capture, enhancing measurement repeatability. The Semi-Automatic Polarimeter is an excellent choice for laboratories and quality control processes where both precision and workflow efficiency are paramount. It is instrumental in tasks like assessing the purity and concentration of chiral compounds, ensuring product quality, and adhering to industry standards. This semi-automated solution streamlines optical rotation measurements, providing consistent and reliable results for professionals and researchers, making it a valuable asset in various scientific and industrial settings.

Semi-Automatic PolarimeterLBN-SP141

Measuring Range : ± 90 ° / ± 130 ° Z

Display Resolution : 0.005°

Measurement Accuracy : ± 0.02 ° / ± 0.05 ° Z

Calibration Point : 1 to 3 points

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