Stereo Microscope LBN-SM132

Stereo Microscope LBN-SM132

Stereo Microscope LBN-SM132 consists of a 12.5-inch monitor screen with 11-95x base magnification. This microscope, with its high resolution, is used to view and examine objects easily and clearly. It features a manual and auto brightness control system, a 2-megapixel camera with HDMI. LED as light source and pole stand are incorporated in microscope.

Standard Magnification 0.6-5.0x
Focusing Coarse Only
Light Source LED
Reflect Light LED 4 zones control, 208 LEDs, 15000 Lux
Power Supply AC110V-240V
Video Adapter C-Mount 0.5x
Working Distance 86 mm
Stereo Stand Pole Stand
Height 318 mm
Camera Pixel 2.0MP
Sensor Size 1/2 inch
Screen Size 12.5 inch
Mounting C-Mount
Output HDMI, USB Hard Disk
Weight 8 Kg
Dimensions (L × D × H) 430 × 410 × 360 mm

It consists of an LED light source

0.5x magnification with the C-mount video adapter

C-mount HDMI camera features

USB Hard Disk Camera output

A 12.5-inch monitor screen

Focuses on coarse specimen only

A camera of 2-megapixel resolution

Stereo Microscope is used for the designing of motherboards, PCBs, SMT, in the fields of technology, engineering institutes, laboratories, scientific research institutes, metallurgy, etc.

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