Vibrating Magnetometer System LBN-VMS121

Vibrating Magnetometer System LBN-VMS121

Vibrating Magnetometer System LBN-VMS121 operates at RT and offers an extensive measuring range from 35×10⁻⁹ to 10³ emu. It generates a magnetic field ranging from 0.2 to 8T and vibrates at frequencies between 55 Hz and 85 Hz. Incorporated with a magnetic hysteresis loop (M-H) that analyzes key features such as Hc, Ms, and Mr. Our magnetometer is designed to capture magnetic property changes every 10 milliseconds for high-speed testing.

Measuring Range 35×10⁻⁹ to 10³ emu
Magnetic Field 0.2 to 8T
Magnetic Field (Fe Co Pole Head)
Sample Temp Air Gap Sample Area Magnetic Flux Density
Room.Temp 7.5mm 3.5 mm 2.722T
12mm 8mm 2.462T
Measuring Temperature RT
Magnetic Moment Measurement 01
Noise 0.1s/pt (RMS) 1s/pt(P-P) 1s/pt(RMS)
Room.Temp @3.5mm 150nemu 800nemu 80nemu
Magnetic Moment Measurement 02
Noise 1s/pt (P-P) 10s/pt(RMS) 1s/pt(RMS)
Room.Temp @3.5mm 380nemu 35 nemu 80nemu
Magnetic Moment Measurement
(With Cryostat in Place)
RMS Noise 100MS/point 10S/point
Sensitivity 2.5 × 10⁻⁹ A m⁻ ² 1.0 × 10⁻⁹ A m⁻ ²
Magnetic Moment Stability 0.05% RMS of full scale/day (fixed coil spacing, constant temperature, and magnetic field, maximum range, stability of 2-hour heat balance required)
Magnetic Moment Repeatability ± 0.5% (data obtained by loading and removing samples ten times in the same coil spacing and range)
Magnetic Moment Accuracy ± 1% (compared with the NIST standard sample)
System Sampling Interval 0.01 to 10 s (continuous mode 10 ms)
the time constant of the lock-in amplifier is fixed 100ms, and the low-pass drops sharply by 24dBb/oct
Vibration Amplitude 2 to 8mm
Vibration Frequency 55 to 85 Hz
Magnetic Field Accuracy 0.01
Magnetic Field Resolution 1 mOe
Magnetic Field Stability 100 mOe
Lifting Accuracy 0 to 300mm
Rotating Accuracy 0.01°
Rotating Range Continuous
Tested Materials Bulk materials powders, thin films, single crystals, and liquids
Power Supply Three Phase: AC 380V±5%
Single Phase: AC 220V±5%
Water Chiller Inner Machine 48 × 72 × 102cm
Water Chiller Outer Machine 96 × 41 × 84cm
Control Cabinet Dimension 66 × 83 ×100cm
Electromagnet and Power Supply Dimension 90 ×90 ×110cm
Vibrating Head and Support Holder Dimension 110 × 113× 100cm
Vibrating Head and Support Holder Weight 80kg
Water Chiller Inner Machine Weight 90kg
Control Cabinet Weight 120kg
Electromagnet and Power Supply Weight 150kg

Equipped with user-friendly software

360° continuous rotating vibration head

Adjustable pole gap for accuracy

Electric lifting system for sample positioning

Precise laser sensor detects variations

Integrated with signal collection coil and gauss meter probe

Variable Gap Electromagnet ×1

Electromagnet Bipolar Power Supply ×1
Locking Amplifier ×1
Vibrating Head ×1
Sample Rod ×1
Sample Holder ×10
Sample Fixture ×10
Vibrating Head Support ×1
Cabinet ×1
Calibration Sample ×1
Computer ×1
Chiller ×1

High-Temperature System

Low-Temperature System

Vibrating Magnetometer System is utilized for precise measurement and analysis of magnetic properties in various fields including materials science, magnetic recording media, magnetic nanoparticles, geophysics, and magnetocaloric effect research.

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