Vibration Microtome LBN-VR121

Vibration Microtome LBN-VR121

Vibration Microtome LBN-VR121 is an advanced vibration model with an adjustable speed of specimen sectioning. The microtome can cut 10 µm as its minimum section setting range while cutting brain or spinal cord specimen and 30 µm when cutting fresh brain, heart, or kidney specimen.

Speed of Specimen Sectioning 0 to 1.3 mm/s
Vibrating Range 0 to 1 mm
Lifting Range of the Specimen Platform 20 mm
Section Thickness Setting Range 10 to 300 µm
Angle of Blade 15 degrees
Minimum Setting Value 1 µm
Dimensions (L × D × H) 400 × 300 × 220 mm
Weight 20 Kg

Able to cut fresh or specific specimen

Specimen can be cut immediately in no case of embedding, cooling process

15 degree angle blade

Vibration Microtome can be used to cut specimens in the fields of immunocytochemistry, electro microscope, dissection, physiology, and biology, scientific and neurobiological research

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