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Cryogenic Freezer LBN-CF151
Cryogenic Freezer LBN-CF151

Cryogenic Freezer LBN-CF151 |


Cryogenic Freezer LBN-CF151 adopts cutting-edge refrigeration technology with rapid cooling performance. It has high precision temperature control system and equipped with platinum resistor temperature sensor which enables users to set temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -10° to 105°C. It has external material made of high-quality steel and inner material is made of stainless-steel. Chamber has steel plates, cutting-edge refrigeration technology, rapid cooling performance, easy maintenance and password protection system.

Specifications :
Cabinet Type Chest
Capacity 138 L/Cu. Ft
Temperature Range -90 to 105ºC
Ambient Temperature 16 to 32ºC
Cooling Performance -105ºC
Defrost Mode Manual
Refrigerant Mixture Gas 520 g
Cooling Method Direct Cooling
Display Digital display
Climate Class N
Internal Size 490×470×582 mm
External Size 1320×890×1009 mm
Package Size 1420×940×1205 mm
Net Weight 200/252 kgs
Alarm System High/low temperature Power failure High/low voltage Sensor failure Low battery Condenser
Insulation Thickness 155 mm
Rated Voltage 220 V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Power 1500 W
Input Power 1730 W
Current Consumption 10.8 KWh/24 h
Rated Current 9.2 A
External Material High-Quality Steel plates with spraying
Inner Material Stainless-steel
Compressor 2 pc
Features :
  • Easy maintenance, password protection
  • Adopts unique two times foaming technology with unique super thick VIP insulation material which greatly provides the insulation effect
  • It has unique refrigeration circuit
  • Has famous international compressors with quick cooling
  • Platinum resistor temperature sensors helps users to set temperature inside the cabinet within a range from -10o to 105o C.
Applications :

Widely applied in the fields of hospitals, blood banks, scientific research institutes, university labs.