Digital Melting Point Meter LBN-MP134

Digital Melting Point Meter LBN-MP134

Digital Melting Point Meter LBN-MP134 offers fast and accurate determination of melting points and melting ranges of various substances. Optimized for high throughput and offers simultaneous determination of up to 4 melting point/melting range samples up to a maximum temperature of 400°C. The 10.4 inch FTF color touch screen enables user to start measurements with a single click. A printer can be connected to enable real-time and historical data printing.

Temperature Range RT to -400°C
Detection Method Fully-automatic
Processing Capacity 4 pcs/ batch
Test Mode Melting point
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Heating Rate 0.1°C to -20°C
Accuracy ±0.2°C (<250°C)
±0.4°C (>250°C)
Repeatability ±0.1°C at 0.1°C/Min
Magnification 9 times
Small Capillary Size OD: Φ1.3mm
Data Storage 64 GB
MAP Save 400 groups
Map Any zoom
Temperature Control Mode PID precise temperature control
Display Method 10.4 inch FTF color touch screen
Audit Trials Yes
Custom Method Libraries Yes
Export File Verification Yes
Printing Method WIFI serial port
Export In Multiple File Formats PDF & Excel
Data Interface USB RS232, SD, Wi-Fi, RJ45, U disk
Instrument Size 400×280×330 mm
Power Supply 110-230V, 50/60Hz, 120W
Weight 4.1 Kg

Large temperature range from room temperature to 420°C

Heating rate is adjustable from 0.1°C/min to 20°C/min without pole

HD color screen window

Four samples can be determined simultaneously

Printer can be connected to determine real time and historical data printing

10.4 inch FTF color touch screen

Simple operation fast process

It is widely used in chemical industry, medical research, pharmaceutical industries, research institutes, food and drug administration for production of drugs, spices, dyes and other crystal substances etc.

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