Digital Vortex Mixer

A digital vortex mixer is a precise and versatile laboratory instrument used for rapid and controlled mixing of samples in vials, test tubes, or other containers. It features a flat platform with a secure attachment for holding the sample vessel. When activated, the platform rapidly oscillates or rotates in an orbital motion, creating a vortex within the liquid in the container. What sets digital vortex mixers apart is their digital control panel, which allows users to precisely adjust and monitor the mixing speed and duration. This level of control is crucial in applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, and analytical chemistry, where accuracy and reproducibility are essential. Digital vortex mixers are highly regarded for their ease of use, consistency, and ability to accommodate various sample sizes and types. They are indispensable tools for laboratories, enabling efficient and uniform mixing while minimizing the risk of sample damage or contamination, ensuring reliable results in diverse scientific and research processes.

Digital Vortex Mixer LBN-DV151

Movement : Continuous/ touch operation

Orbital Diameter : 6 mm

Speed : 400 – 3000 rpm

Ambient Temperature : 5° to 40°C

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