Analog Vortex Mixer

An analog vortex mixer is a laboratory device used for rapid and consistent mixing of small vials, test tubes, or other containers. It typically consists of a flat platform with a rubber cup or attachment that securely holds the sample vessel. When activated, the platform vibrates or moves in an orbital fashion, creating a vortex motion within the liquid inside the container. This efficiently mixes the contents by agitating the sample without the need for complex stirring equipment. Analog vortex mixers are frequently used in life sciences, microbiology, and clinical laboratories for tasks such as reagent preparation, sample homogenization, and cell culture mixing. They offer simplicity and reliability, with speed and duration controlled by an analog dial, making them user-friendly and versatile instruments for achieving consistent results while avoiding sample damage. Their compact size and ease of use make them a convenient choice for various applications, ensuring efficient and reproducible mixing in laboratory settings.

Analog Vortex Mixer LBN-AV151

Movement : Continuous/ touch operation

Orbital Diameter : 6 mm

Speed : 0 – 3000 rpm

Ambient Temperature : 5° to 40°C

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