Dry Bath LBN-DB156

Dry Bath LBN-DB156

Dry Bath LBN-DB156 comes with a humanized design with multiple adapter modules. Equipped with an LCD display to view working modes of heating and cooling temperature integration. Maximum time ranges from 1s to 23h 59min. Different modules can be replaced according to requirements. Speed can be controlled with a speed button.

Temperature Range Below room temperature - 15℃ to 100℃
Temperature Stability ± 0.5℃
Display Precision 0.1 ℃
Heating up time ≤ 12 min (25℃ to 100℃)
Cooling Time 20 to 25 min (15-0℃)
Multi Program Running Yes(P1-P9)
Timing Range 1s to 23 h 59 min
Power 60 W
Power Supply AC100-240 V/1.5 A turn to DC24 V/2.5 A
Module Dimensions 71×47×32 mm
Product Size 160×115×96 mm

Real time temperature display

Set temperature value

Program setting and multi-program running

Presence of start or stop button

Presence of heating mode and cooling mode

Micro-computer control system

Multiple programs running programs

It is widely applied in the field of educational sectors, industrial purposes and clinical laboratories

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