Rotary Mixer

A rotary mixer is a versatile laboratory instrument designed to agitate and mix samples effectively in various research and industrial applications. It features a rotating platform where containers such as test tubes, vials, or microplates are securely placed. The mixer operates by continuously spinning the platform, gently and evenly blending the contents of the containers. Some rotary mixers offer adjustable speed and time settings, allowing precise control over the mixing parameters. These mixers are essential in fields such as molecular biology, microbiology, and chemistry for tasks like sample preparation, DNA extraction, and enzyme reactions. They provide efficient and consistent mixing, contributing to the reliability and reproducibility of experimental results, making them valuable tools in laboratories and quality control processes across different industries

Rotating Tube Mixer LBN-RM171

Mixing Method : Vertical

Suitable Tube : 1.5ml: 12 pcs, 10 to 30ml: 12 pcs

Speed : 10 to 60RPM/Min (Adjustable)

Voltage : 220V

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Vertical Rotary Mixer LBN-RM181

Mixing Method : Circumference

Suitable Tube : 0.5ml: 13 pcs, 1ml: 12 pcs, 2ml: 4 pcs, 5ml: 4 pcs

Speed : 5 to 60RPM/Min

Voltage : 220V

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