Low Speed Centrifuge LBN-LSC131

Low Speed Centrifuge LBN-LSC131

Low Speed Centrifuge LBN-LSC131 is made up of strong and durable plastic case along with a metal lid that runs with a speed of 4000 rpm and 2325 × g RCF. It has the capacity of holding 20 ml × 12 centrifugal tubes that performs centrifugation within the time range of 0 to 99 minutes. Superior safety features such as brushless DC motors, automatic door lock, safety switch, error code display, imbalance and overspeed alarm adds a special highlight. Equipped with an LED display to view rotational speed, RCF and time.

Maximum RPM 4000 rpm
Maximum RCF 2325 × g
Timer 0 to 99 min
Rotor capacity 20 ml×12 (standard)
Voltage 110 V 60 Hz / 220 V 50 Hz
Dimension (W×D×H) 280×310×265
Packaging dimension 340×350×330 mm
Gross weight /Net weight 10 / 9 kg

Built with a plastic case of high strength along with a metal lid covering to provide safety and security

CPU controlled system where LED exhibits rotational speed, relative centrifugal force and time

Safe, reliable and easy workflow

It operates at a maximum speed of 4000 rpm with a maximum RCF of 2325×g

Equipped with an elevated torque brushless DC motors of zero maintenance that improves the overall output of the rotor speed and reduces noise level

Automatic door lock system and a security switch automatically opens the lid in case of power failure or any malfunctioning

Acceleration and deceleration rates can be easily set according to the requirements

Rotors with different specifications are available in a wide range

Overspeed and imbalance alarm systems provides a warning to the users if any electrical abnormality in motor or any instability in speed is detected

Countdown timer has a time range from 0 to 99 min

An error code display system automatically stops the centrifuge if any failure arises during running

These are widely applied in the field of biological sample separations of cellular materials, blood plasma, blood serum, urine and sperm and are also used for clinical applications of PRP, PRF, lipid cell separation, stem cell isolation, gentle centrifugation of microbeads containing microplates, and gentle soft spin-down or washing of primary cells & cell line.

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