Vertical Rotary Mixer LBN-RM181

Vertical Rotary Mixer LBN-RM181

The Vertical Rotary Mixer LBN-RM181 has a variable speed of 5 to 60 rpm/minute and a fully horizontal rotation angle for complete end-over-end mixing between the assemblies. The mixer can run continuously for 24 hours and can hold a variety of centrifuge tubes (0.5ml: 13pcs, 1ml: 12pcs, 2ml: 4pcs, 5ml: 4pcs). In contrast, rotation with upright tubing produces a tumbling motion that is ideal for DNA mixing and blood tube sample mixing.

Mixing Method Circumference
Suitable Tube 0.5ml: 13 pcs, 1ml: 12 pcs, 2ml: 4 pcs, 5ml: 4 pcs
Speed 5 to 60RPM/Min
Voltage 220V

The time and speed are displayed on the LED

The structure is durable, and the operation is simple

A simple on/off switch is provided

Mixing ranges from gentle to vigorous, with variable speed

The mixing angle is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of applications

A variety of tube holders are available to hold a range of different sized tubes

Tray for spillages

The Rotating Tube Mixers are widely used for sample-mixing in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and bioengineering. By using the instrument, mixing and shaking of samples can be done more easily than by hand.

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