Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LBN-SP141

Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LBN-SP141

Semi-Automatic Polarimeter LBN-SP141 is a multi-parameter device with 3 point calibration, the instrument is suitable for measuring the optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and sugar content of optically active compound solutions. It is equipped with a 5.6 inch TFT touch screen and uses a LED light source with 200-hour usage range. It uses a sample chamber tube of up to 200 mm length with a measuring range of 90° to 130°Z.

Measuring Range ± 90 ° / ± 130 ° Z
Display Resolution 0.005°
Measurement Accuracy ± 0.02 ° / ± 0.05 ° Z
Calibration Point 1 to 3 points
Light Source LED and Interference Filter
Wavelength 589.4 nm
Applicable Tube Length 50/100/200 mm
Data Storage 100 data sets
Monitor 5.6-inch TFT touch screen
Power Type AC220V/50Hz
Dimensions (L×W×H) 550×300×220 mm
Weight 7.5 kg

Selectable tube length or manually enter a desired value

Multi-parameter semi-automatic polarimeter

5.6 inch TFT touch screen display

LED provides a long life source

Zero point calibration adjusts and eliminates the measurement error

Built-in temperature sensor automatically measures and compensates the readings to specific rotation value

Expanded memory storage and recalls up to 100 date sets

Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults

On-screen operation guide detailedly shows the polarimeter uses

It is widely used in sugar industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical and food industry and also used for detection of starch agriculture products and amino acids.

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