Variable Volume Pipette LBN-VP100

Variable Volume Pipette LBN-VP100

Variable Volume Pipette LBN-VP100 offers a measurement range from 10 to 100 μL for accurate and efficient pipetting. It is designed to withstand autoclaving at temperatures up to 121℃ for effective sterilization. The tip cones are chemical-resistant and utilize a spring-loaded design for easy maintenance. Our pipette is equipped with a low-force tip ejector to ensure smooth and gentle tip removal.

Volume Range 10 to 100 μL
Increment 1 μL
Test Volume 100 μL, 50 μL, 10 μL
Accuracy Error 100 μL: 0.8 μL, 0.80%
50 μL: 0.5 μL, 1.00%
10 μL: 0.3 μL, 3.00%
Precision Error 100 μL: 0.15 μL, 0.15%
50 μL: 0.2 μL, 0.40%
10 μL: 0.15 μL, 1.50s%

Includes a digital display

Offers easy calibration and maintenance

Tip cones deliver high-sealing performance

Provides finger support for user comfort

Dispensing head rotates for easy pipetting

Meets ISO 8655 standards

Variable Volume Pipette is employed for precise measurement and transfer of liquid volumes. It is used in various scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

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